A song.

This was a song I wrote while at choir.  Aiming for a Pam Ayres / Victoria Wood style, it was just a tongue-in-cheek look at the soprano experience.  The intended joke was that this would be sung at soprano pitch, the named notes hit perfectly.  Sadly, I lack musicians to set it for me so it languishes as a poem.

Ironically, four months later my new singing teacher told me I wasn’t a soprano but an alto.

Oh Please Let Me Sing With the Altos (A Soprano’s Lament)

Oh please let me sing with the Altos,

I can’t sing as high as I should.

I try but the results are just painful

I can’t sing if I know I’m no good.


Oh let me go down to the altos

I’m tired of scaling the heights.

The sopranos are too high-falluting

I never can quite get it right.

It is a G I see there before me,

Camped out on top of the stave

I need a step-ladder to scale it

Or could we just alter the clef?


It’s not that I don’t like sopranos

I just feel I lack the support

The ledger lines have me entangled

I’ve forgotten all I was taught.


The soloist soars high above me

F-ing, andante, away

Tutti mi hanno lasciato

Long before they get up to the A

Let me come down to earth with the Altos

I really could do with a rest

And, you’ve said it yourself, maestro,

Low company’s often the best.


© 11th March 2015 Julia Lee Dean



About afewwordsinpencil

An English writer of novels and theatrical pieces. My first novel, "And I Shall Be Healed" (Quickbeam Press) follows the experiences of a young army chaplain on the Western Front 1916-7. This and some theatre writings are available on the usual websites.
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