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Revisiting novel #1 while writing the sequel

At the moment I’m working on a novel proposal for an Italian publisher who is looking for First World War themed books for its new series.  I was put onto it by a friend of a friend who also happens … Continue reading

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Creativity: needle & pen

So, yesterday was my mum’s birthday.  Finally I was able to give her the present I’d meant to give her for her 60th birthday.  It took me a little longer than planned so she had it for her 65th instead.  … Continue reading

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Up on the roof & shouting: ba-siiil!

I suppose that’s the mark of a high-brow; someone who can see a charming Italian herb without thinking of Fawlty Towers.  Well, while my German is at a similar level to Manuel’s English (it takes more than one book, let me … Continue reading

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